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to create, promote, and distribute uplifting, powerful, beautiful, and climactic music of the highest quality with the purpose of earning the trust of DJs and providing magical journeys for the most amount of people, the most amount of time.

In the 90s and 2000s, Tommy Who made 4 CDs and 15 Vinyl records, selling tens of thousands of units. These vinyl and CD projects included collaborations with other Florida talent such as K5, DJ X, Rick West, Ford, Robin Fox, Huda Hudia, Malicious Mike, DJ Gemini, Kontrol & Kid Starr, DJ Trashy, & Infiniti. Also appearing on others labels like KRAM, Xquizit, Tommy Boy, Live Wire, Moodz, Promo Only, and Ultimix. In 2014 Tommy Who signed with Kaleidoscope Music to release music digitally. Kaleidoscope Music is now the #1 Breaks Label in the world.


My Love

Tommy Who

"We were torn apart

Separated by the sea

And when you call my name

I hear you, my love"

(Additional production by Scott Weiser and Malicious Mike)


Episode 5


Released on Kaleidoscope Music, Episode 5 is in all the major distribution channels popular in today's market. There are 16 tracks that span across multiple genres other than Breaks including solo piano and vocals, as well as house. Rick West, Ford, Robin Fox, and Huda Hudia are collaborators on a few songs in this album.


Episode 4

Tommy Who

This Episode contains is a continuous DJ set with 9 Tommy Who Remixes and 6 Licensed songs by other artists such as Burufunk, Rick West & Infiniti. Ford and Tommy Who teamed up for a "Broken Wings" remix that was never released and is only available on this CD.


Episode 3

Tommy Who

This Episode 3 contains 12 tracks that I made during the time I worked for Subsonic Distribution and Giga-Funk Records


Episode 2

Tommy Who

I made this album the summer of '99 after coming home from 6 months of living in Hollywood, CA with Keoki. This album shows me working with real vocalists like Mona-Q, Calanit, and Adelina Castriota. You can hear samples of Heather Nova, Halloween, The Crow, Tomb Raider, Poltergeist, Scarface, South Park, and Alice in Wonderland


Episode 1

Tommy Who

This one is a fan favorite. A journey like no other. Lots of smooth melodies and oldschool beats. Most of the songs were created with a Kurzweill K2500 and a Korg Trinity on a DAT. It is a continuous mix in a 73min presentation. Inside you can find me sampling Sade, Enya, Fifth Element Blue Diva, Violent Femmes, Heavy Metal, Young Frankenstein, and Batman Forever. Tommy sings vocals on "Flower" and "We Must Go Underground".


Downtown Countdown Atlanta  @ 0:34

HOOYEAH! "Jackhammer" VIDEO

Tommy Who playing Star Wars Theme

FREAK STYLE (Promo Video)

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